Sunday, May 8, 2011

Interior Framing

Had a particularly productive day yesterday.  The paying job will demand most of my attention for awhile so I really wanted to get as much done as I could.  Started at sunrise then started cleanup at sunset...
   Upstairs bedroom closet.  It's big.  This place will have quite a bit more storage space than the first place.

Got the bathroom rough-framed in.  Lesson learned from before---buy the tub early and frame around it. 
Started to get the ceiling joists in---I really struggled with how high to make the ceiling.  Lower is warmer and cozier--it also makes the overall structure stronger .  Higher makes it feel bigger.  After consulting a trusted source, decided on 107" from the floor.  With the joists in I can picture the room now.  It's a smallish bedroom so too high would have felt like a hallway.  I'm happy with it.

The roof is all framed up now.  Getting the outside fascia in place was hard because they are heavy, require weird cuts, and are way off the ground.  It took a full day just to install ONE of them.  By contrast, all the upstairs interior framing, installing the bathtub, and getting some of the ceiling joists in took the same amount of time.  When there's no real risk of falling you can work a lot faster. 
Framing is by far the most fun and most rewarding stage of building.  Too bad it goes by so darned fast.  I was sort of in an Irish music mood too---maybe because everything's so lush right now thanks to the rains.  Framing, and Irish music.   Slice of heaven.


Jeremy Mollison said...

This sounds like a pretty good way for you to recover from you birthday. I hope you did something special that you enjoy equally well.

Bike to work day is this Thursday.

Caitlan said...

I love the third photo down, your view of the lake while you work.