Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving Break

 The George Family met us in Penasquitos Ranch (roughly halfway between our homes) for lunch out, at Claimjumper.  We burned off our meal at a nearby park----Rob had packed up a volleyball kit.   It was fun and the weather couldn't have been better---it was the only nice day of the week.
   Day before Thanksgiving a co-worker that often bow hunts at our cabin gave us this wild turkey.  Cooking it fell on my 'honeydo' list before leaving for work Thanksgiving proper.  Two years in a row eating fresh, wild turkey.  I don't think we could go back to store-bought again.  This was delicious and my family, that rarely eats any meat, devoured it.

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Tina said...

I have posted photos before of the wild turkeys in our area - but no one around here seems to want to actually EAT them... I doubt they're protected or anything. I mean, obviously you can't SHOOT one in the neighborhood, but it would be so easy to trap one.

Whether wild or domestic, it doesn't matter to us since we're not eating any. In fact, Lee got a freebie turkey from Costco (no exchange available) so we donated it - Lee was going to specify PETA for the donation...