Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Modelling Gig

Mike (my old partner on HazMat, pre-helicopter) and I got a job for the last 5 days working for DuPont.  There's a huge Safety Council convention in San Diego right now, same place they hold ComiCon.
I only got pictures of Mike.  Once the demonstration begins there's no one to get pictures...We were demonstrating the superiority of Tyvek suits compared to SMS suits, doing a '16602 test'.  Every half hour or so, a DuPont guy would start talking and gather a crowd.  I would be there with him while he explained 'Two actual San Diego Firemen' were helping them with the test...We both had on paper suits that were very absorbent.  Mike had the SMS suit on over that, I got the Tyvek suit over mine.  He'd get in the chamber first and march in place for 60 seconds, slowly turning 360 degrees, while 5 nozzles sprayed water with black dye in it at him.  He'd get out of the chamber and disrobe in front of the crowd, showing how much permeation there was.  Then I'd get in the chamber and do the same test.  When I disrobed, my undersuit was spot free. 
Really, I offered to be the dirty suit guy every day, but Mike refused.  So I had the easier of the two jobs and got to stay mostly dry.  At the end of each day there was lots of scrubbing of the chamber to do.
The pay was really good.  The weather has been wet and rainy so I can't work on the new place anyway so this timed out perfectly.  I'm kinda glad it's done---it's true what your hear.  The glamourous world of modelling is a lot of work.  


Tina said...

Mike looks like he was just prepping for a Halloween cow costume.

When T & D were little, Trevor wanted to be a cowboy for Halloween, but Diana didn't want to be a cowgirl. Lee's mom suggested she be the cow.

I'll have to look for a photo - you know I have it somewhere...

flyingvan said...

We started calling him 'Pongo' from 101 Dalmations. Maybe I still will even though this is all over with