Friday, October 29, 2010

Comin' Along

    As soon as I got the insulation in, it rained HARD.  So before we left for Temecula I took off all the plastic wrap and left the batts loose to dry out.
    With the insulation in place, it's time for the floor tongue-and-groove panels.  They're 1" thick.  Construction adhesive avoids a squeeky floor later.  After the panel's in place it's nailed down.
    You always put the panels down so the groove side is out;  that way when you beat it into place with a block of wood and a...persuader, you don't mess up the tongue.
   A perfectly aligned and installed subfloor can be tested by seeing if a soccer ball will levitate without moving over any given spot.   Here, Patrick is amazed by the results.
  I gotta go to work for 48 hours and more rain is coming, so I put down plastic sheeting.  I'll just frame over it and cut it away later.  It's really exciting to be framing.  You can see where the plumbing and electrical come through .

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Tina said...

How come our contractor didn't know he needed to levitate a ball to get a good floor?

No wonder it's bouncy!