Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New House, $18,500


The foundation isn't even dug yet but lumber prices were creeping up, so took delivery on materials. We lost most of the driveway for awhile.
Even though it's a tiny house, it's lots of lumber. The fire resistive codes for this region call for lots of heavy timber. The seismic zone we're in (directly over part of the Elsinore Fault) calls for heavy bracing for those heavy timbers. Since I wanted a 'green' building, the walls are extra thick for more insulation.
It's a small lot with a big septic system. Actually, it wasn't even supposed to be a buildable lot so I was lucky to get to build at all. I ended up with a 20x20 area on which to build, so I'm going up, and also cantilevering out. More heavy timbers.
So, new houses are going for $18,500. Self assembly required. Land, utilities, permits, plumbing, electrical, propane tank, appliances, and fireplace not included.
There's really no suitable location for the materials at the building site. That's why they were delivered to our home


keeka said...

Wow. Annamarie must have TONS of patience!
That is a big load in front of your beautiful home!

Wow. Again.

Tina said...

Once you're done, you should have the house appraised & compare it to what you actually spent.

I'd be interested to see how much your labor was worth on paper :)

Thanks again for letting us vicariously live through your project with you - it's REALLY COOL!!!

flyingvan said...

I can sort of figure that now. I'm well below my total budget of $80,000 which leaves AnnaMarie plenty for the furnishings. Comps on Zillow are $290K to $350K. Sounds like a windfall, but factor in 3 years of hard labor (Fun, but hard)

Scot said...

Whoa! That is an impressive pile of materials for that size of structure.