Thursday, April 29, 2010

New York stuff

The staircase is a wooden escalator in Macy's. Macy's is HUGE. Bigger than most malls.
Central park is big, too. Very well kept.
My overall impression of New York is, clean, big and friendly. It surprised me a bit that the people here are more fit in general than the rest of the nation. Maybe all the walking or the fact the food's expensive. Everyone dresses pretty nice too. Glad I got to see all this, but I won't be moving soon.


Lee said...

I went on those escalators.

flyingvan said...

I thought I noticed a stain

Jeremy Mollison said...

I agree with your assessment of NY on one count.

keeka said...

Still not in any hurry to visit.
I still remain firm in my idea of a good visit to New York would be to fly in, land, get picked up by limo, drive to a great restaurant, then drive to a great play, then go back to the airport and fly home. Well, maybe stay at a 5 star hotel first then fly home. : )

Tina said...

As soon as the Star Trek transporters work, I'll go visit.

Otherwise it's not worth the stress of a flight for me. That's why Lee went to NY with Diana.

And he said it never stopped buzzing -- there was constant noise, even at night.

Yeah - maybe someday, but not in a big hurry here either.

flyingvan said...

Tina---I think you'd find lots to like. Macy's would take a day. The Comics Mall would be another. There's a four story Hershey's building and an M&M mall.