Sunday, April 25, 2010

April Building Update

Parking area's all done. Since it's up against the rear property line, the law says there has to be a 6' fence to obscure the neighbor's view of the cars. Not that anyone has a house there, and if they did, a 6 foot fence wouldn't do much with the slope. I'm hoping it's 6' from my side, not the other side, as I used the height of the retaining wall for half of what was required. The downhill side is more that 24" high so a rail is required. Yesterday, the rare combination of wet ground and beautiful weather was conducive to some manual grading----forming the turn between the driveway and the parking. It'll just be gravel for now, maybe concrete later.
When I get back from New York I'll put in the temporary power. I have to dig a deep hole for a 24' pole to go in.
It was time to purchase the materials, too. Not because I'm ready to frame, but because lumber prices went up 22%! I got my order in just in time. It was quite a bit less than I thought and budgeted for---$18,576 for nearly everything I need to build. It gets delivered May 18. I'll put it in our home's driveway and just carry stuff across the street as I need.


Tina said...

Looking good!!

- Rob said...

Great to hear about the ongoing progress - thanks!