Friday, September 4, 2009

The most important things


"Doesn't everybody deserve healthcare?" yes. Everybody deserves lots of things---a healthy diet. A happy household. Ability to worship, or not worship, as they see fit.
When I oppose government run healthcare programs, I'm looked at like some like a monster, like I want people to die horrible deaths. Another mean spirited Republican parroting Rush. Fortunately, the ones whose opinion matter know me better than that.
Providing good healthcare to myself and those around me is up there with providing shelter, food, and education. These things are far too important to trust the government with. Living costs money; you have to make things happen. There are lots of things you can do to improve healthcare---first, live a healthy lifestyle. Get good insurance. Make insurance a priority expense ahead of beauty supplies, television, cigarettes, tattoos. If your job doesn't provide assistance, work towards a position that does. Want to improve healthcare for others? That's very noble. Work in the profession and do what you can for every patient you meet. Volunteer at a healthcare facility.
Government should provide safety, fair business practice, and help in dire emergencies. Our government was designed by some pretty smart people, to provide you opportunities to earn these things for yourself. The idea of trusting the government to take away more money and create a giant healthcare system is wrong.
I oppose it BECAUSE I want good healthcare and the freedom to decide where my money goes to take care of not only my own family, but others as well.


keeka said...

Here, here! I totally agree! There are too many people that feel entitled to insurance whether they have a job or not! Why not turn off your cell phone, stop buying your kids everything they want and use the brain God gave you, to make things better for yourself and your family? I am much more concerned with whether my children are healthy than which cell phone plan I should get them!

Lee said...

I cannot fathom the vitriol out there if you disagree with someone on a political stance.

We the people elect someone to represent our views. When the do not represent us, we vote for someone else. There should be discussion with respect to a well formed opinion and belief.

There should be a civil discussion and acceptance that your belief might change if presented with persuasive evidence.

Still we need to treat each other with the modicum of respect that a fellow human being deserves. Even the most vile evil person, even if said person does not reciprocate.

Passion is a tricky thing, it can be good or bad, never indifferent. I know I need to keep mine in check, I know I fail. I wish others would be quicker to do the same then I.

Tolerance of Faith, Open discussions of belief, Respect for our fellow human and the ability to walk away dignity intact, needs some solid work for some of us.