Saturday, September 12, 2009

How I spent Sept. 11th

Well, my shift really ends at 8am but Chief Esquer needed photos of our 'station'. We're in competition for the crappiest work site---winner gets funding for new digs.

AnnaMarie got the kids off to school and drove down to meet me. We took advantage of the emptier beaches and warm weather and had a great bike ride. She packed a gourmet lunch. We set up towels and soaked up the last of the sun for the year. AnnaMarie ate her 'wraps' (chick food) I got a prosciutto sandwich and pumpernickel pretzels. The grapes, I had to earn---she was throwing them for me to catch (no hands allowed) with about a 40% success rate. The seagulls were either amused and/or looking forward to the ones I missed.

There are a few modern conveniences that are beyond me. Saran wrap kicks my ass, as do camera timers. This took about a dozen tries. It only gets harder as you start laughing at your own ineptitude.

In the late afternoon, AnnaMarie went home to greet the kids at the bus; I went to the 911 memorial aboard the USS Midway. A great floating museum and well worth the trip. My job was to call in Copter 1 and Copter 2 just as the last name was being read; it was fun timing the readers, figuring out an average, calculating flight times, counting how many readers were left, then cue-ing the copters. There certainly was an element of luck involved and I WAS getting a bit nervous, but it worked out perfectly.


Re-Navy!! said...

glad you 9/11 went well!! its people like you that help pooor morons like me that fall into big canyons lol

keeka said...

Wow, sounds like your trip with Annamarie was a nice one! I know that the helicopter dealybob went well because you are always on top of stuff like that!

Cole had just been born in April of 2001, so I know I was home with my kids when I saw a blip while changing channels, I didn't see it as live or "real" at the time. I only learned later that what I saw was not part of a movie!

Lee said...

Canyon Diving is a spectator sport.

Tina said...

Connor was a still a baby & I was at home with him on the date of the event - I happened to turn on the TV and saw the 2nd plane hit the WTC - what a horrible day.

I was at work this anniversary. Thanks to our Homeland Security, the military, and all the people working to keep our nation safe, I had no concerns.

God Bless America.