Sunday, March 22, 2009

Step up to the Global Warming altar

I love this. These doofuses (doofi?) continue to ignore a preponderance of evidence against global warming, man made or otherwise, and embark on a quest to measure the thinning sea ice. Unseasonably cold weather and endangered polar bears are threatening their survival.
In Steinbeck's book 'Travels With Charlie', he attends a deep south evangelical revival. The tactic to boost membership isn't to talk about how awesome being with God in heaven will be; it's how horrible damnation is if you don't change your ways immediately. A Gallup poll shows a sharp increase in public opnion that 'Global Warming threat is greatly exaggerated'. The response from the G.W. alarmists has been to up the rhetoric---claiming the coming disaster is much more imminent and far worse than previously predicted. Go ahead and make your predictions; here's mine. This scare will be quickly buried and forgotten as soon as someone comes up with a new way to claim industrialization will soon kill us all, like soot on the ice caps causing a new ice age or something. Global warming will go the way of acid rain, hole in the ozone layer, killer bees, AIDS, the Spanish Inquisition...

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- Rob said...

To paraphrase:
(with a chuckle): "I wasn't expecting Global Warming"
(Several uniformed figures burst in and the leader vehemently announces):
"Nobody expects Global Warming!"