Saturday, March 7, 2009

Dr. Revelle

Dr. Revelle was one of the founding fathers of UCSD. He also was one of the first scientists to look at the earth globally and at the many interactions between natural forces. One of his early students was Al Gore. Mr Gore and a number of others were put to work tabulating data doing research as to whether carbon output from burning fossil fuels had an influence on the weather.
Dr. Revelle not only decided there was no correlation, he expressed deep regret for pointing people in the wrong direction with his studies of global warming. He spent his final years trying to keep the discussions scientific and was angered by the political adoption of a dis proven theory.
This past weekend, UCSD awarded the first ever Revelle award. To Al Gore. There are a number of scientists that new Revelle well that have been very vocally opposed, and are demanding a public debate on global warming with Al Gore. Gore refused any questioning or comments, and as usual, will not take on real scientists on this subject that know what they are talking about.
How shameful it is to keep giving awards to this charlatan. Feeble minds that can't scrutinize data will continue to eat it up. Like Shoo pointed out it will take a full blown ice age to change minds.... If you read this article, keep in mind it was co-authored by Mr. Gore's mentor---the guy that originally planted the seed of human caused global warming. Gore has done some slimy things to discredit him posthumously, like claiming he was senile. Nice. Mr. Gore, PLEASE agree to a scientific debate on global warming. Your minions looking for a reason to vilify corporations that form the life blood of our economy will get wise to you eventually. You ending up a pariah is much more likely than the sea rising a single centimeter.


Lee said...

Thanks for posting this. I was unaware of Dr. Revelle's 'influence' with Mr. Gore.

shoo said...

That is cool information I never knew. Thanks!