Sunday, November 2, 2008

Autumn in Cuyamaca

We are having one of the most beautiful Autumns I can remember. No matter how many pictures I take or how much time we spend outside, it seems we're not taking adequate advantage of it.
Charlie usually shows up about this time of year, and hangs out until New Years' or until his head rots, whichever comes first. This year he's a chef. He's been a pirate, lumberjack, and gardener in the past. Charlie helps soften the blow for Annamarie, as she's connected to her garden at an almost spiritual level and has to say goodbye for the winter. Thanksgiving, then decorating for Christmas, are a good distraction but the fact remains she's most at peace when she can spend some time in her garden every day.


Tina said...

Can you convince AM to come and spend a summer getting quality time in my yard? I can't even call it a garden, it's so wild.

Nevermind - it's going to require a CAT or something to fix it.

Lee said...

Your notes on charlie would be pretty damn psyco without the picture...