Monday, May 12, 2008

Reunion update

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Just three short months to go before reunion time. There are a few logistics to work out..... I got a really, really good rate on the condos, cabins, and RV spaces----email me so I can let you know what the damage is for you. (trust me---it's real cheap)
Lee ---I think I'll have you and yours stay in the condo next to Shoo instead of our guest cabin---that way if Keeka's clan needs the bathroom/shower they're right there. Also RBG will be arriving a few days early so they might as well stay for free, except for paying for your two nights at the condo, I suppose..
Ms. RBG----will you help with the 'project' we talked about?
Tina---we still have two cabins to fill. Any luck reaching Tersignis/Moores/WhoeverI'mforgetting?
Byron---If your varnishing muscles are still in shape I've got work for you
Mike---we need to reach Fr. Joe and see if he can come at least for Saturday Night
Thanks for everyone's help. We'll host the BBQ Saturday night. We'll have the trampoline and pool set up and we'll probably get a hike in, but mostly we'll sit around and trip out on how we all aged and marvel at each other's kids


flyingvan said...

Also--Come on, Ronn! it isn't far for you. Bob? Can you come? Jim might make it...Jeninne? Marty? Timmer? Joe? Other Joe? Other other Joe?

Tina said...

Joe (Froggy) will not be able to come. Talked to him last night.

He & (new) wife Mary are expecting their first baby together the weekend following the reunion! Maybe we could all put together a nice little basket of stuff for Lee & I to bring them after we get home?

Steve & Ellen didn't think they could do it. I never heard a real solid no, but it didn't sound likely.

I haven't heard back from Dave & Eileen. Maybe my email bounced?

I think Lee talked to Vince Moore, but I'll double check on that.

Thanks for the reminders.

Tina said...

Oh - Diana doesn't know yet, but there's a chance her exchange student from Germany will be visiting us this summer. They are supposed to leave after the reunion. If her parents come, they might need a spot, but I have to get more info from Leonie. If it's just Leonie, she can stay with us in the condo thing.

- Rob said...

I'll have Mrs. RBG contact you about that project. She has talked about it and needs to confirm a few things.

Regarding shifting around the cabins, no problem here. Your plan sounds like it will minimize our costs!

ronnwaters said...

Sorry, been out of touch of sorts lately..
When are the dates?