Friday, May 16, 2008

The new project

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is the view from the lot we bought across the street (the house to the left is our main residence) It was supposedly an unbuildable lot but the county relented and I can build on a 20x20 footprint, 2 story. I'm almost done with the plans than it's off to the planning department. Once I get going my schedule is 11 months to completion, though it'll be cash as I go like last time so I'll balance between building and overtime. Family obligations and DEH stuff will be important, and kind of depends on how much of the state burns down this year, too.


Re-Navy!! said...

how many lots/houses do you own?! Sheesh remind me when i look into buying houses just to have you build me one lol

flyingvan said...

Well, we have our residence, which we bought in foreclosure 13 years ago. A block away is our weekend rental/guesthouse, which I built. Then we bought the one by the beach in Point Loma. That one's rented full time but if our kids go to college in San Diego they'll live there. So we bought the lot across the street to build another weekend rental/guesthouse. It's my backup retirement plan. Also I can't get life insurance, except the kind that pays off mortgages.
Anyone can build a house. No better way to gain lots of equity. When you buy a house you're mostly paying for the labor.