Sunday, December 2, 2012

Is There A Workaround?

  When people get things for free, we feel very put out when that free thing is taken away from us.  Human nature I suppose, linking back to crying when we're getting weaned.
   I can no longer post pictures here on my blog; I have axceeded my 1 gig of photo space.  I have some awesome pictures.
  Dear Blogger People---I love blogging, it's a great outlet---Also I'm a free market guy and understand you wanting to profit from my posts.  However, to actually pay for for picture data space would be admitting I have a blogging problem.  Like missing work to go drink.  I'm not gonna cross that line.
  So, why don't you sell some banner space on my blog.  The people who read it will buy whatever they are selling.  Then, let me post pics again---at least 15 people read this blog and they all are consumers.

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Lee Kiester said...

start resizing everything to under 800 x 800