Sunday, June 10, 2012

Gettin' Plastered

  All the interior siding is in.  Before painting it (some shade of white, semi-gloss) all the trim has to be done.  Before the trim gets done, the interior chimney finish has to be completed.
   Here's the challenges with THIS stage...It's 18' up. It's stone and colored plaster over an expanded steel mesh.
I cut up a bunch more stones and laid them out so they could be chosen quickly.  These all came from the building site.  The white ones are quartz with topaz streaks.  Very hard.

     Here's the chimney chase.  The flue for the wall furnace is hidden inside.  It's as small as it could be so as not to block the view of the lake from the reading nook.  That ladder is awesome.  It's clamped both ends so it won't wobble. 
   The strongest framing is nearest the wall so I wanted the expanded steel to wrap all the way around and screwed in place.  I put washers on the screws first so they wouldn't work their way through

    The start of the stone veneer.  It would have been cool to do the same veneer all the way up but I thought it would be too heavy.

  here's the look I'm after.  I want the plaster to match the outside foundation, with the stone outcroppings matching the fireplace surround. 

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