Friday, March 25, 2011


  So AnnaMarie was sick enough I left work and took her to the hospital.  Had to insist on different tests getting done---one of which found the adenomas on her liver (probably not a big issue).  The other one---the hospital assigned endocrinologist didn't see any value in drawing an insulin level since her blood sugar remains normal.  After insisting, it got done.
  After the weekend was over, trying to find out the test results was difficult.  The same endocrinologist kept insisting "Why would I draw insulin levels??" Only to call back late at night and say---"This makes no sense.  Her proinsulin and c-peptide are through the roof!" 
  OK, so what do I do?  "She needs a 72 hour fasting study at a hospital,  done by an endocrinologist"  Umm, but, you ARE an endocrinologist.  "Well, yeah, but I'm not YOUR endocrinologist.  Set one up through her primary care physician (PCP)". 
  So, set up a conference call between insurance, PCP, and the new endocrinologist.  "I have to see all her charts before we even see her" OK well, do what you can to expedite---she's not doing well.  Get the visit approved yesterday--for next week.  Then the endocrinologist called back--"She needs to see a gastroenterologist before she sees me" Huh?  Why?
  Same conference call, except this time get set up with the GI doc.  "We can see you tomorrow" (today)..Sure, we'll be there.  I was supposed to staff the copter---called Scott and cashed in yet more favors.  My favor account is starting to resemble the national debt, but got the first half covered.  See the GI this afternoon, explain the whole issue (we counted up---she's the TENTH MD we've seen this month)  I liked her alot.  She listened and looked at everything, but said "This is clearly an endocrinology issue.  Why are you here?"  We are supposed to go BACK to the endocrinologist, get the 72 hour study done, then coordinate with surgery if there's a strong suspicion of an insulinoma (which was my suspicion back when we insisted on the c-peptide/proinsulin test in the first place)
   Can't do anything until Monday.  We'll start with the PCP and ask what we have to do to get the study done immediately.  I've learned that if you let the insurance company know you're sick and desperate enough to just go through the emergency room, they start to move a little quicker.  It's really hard to do things the right way.  We've had to unravel so much of this ourselves---still no diagnosis but we're getting close I hope.  We pay more for health insurance evey month than we do for food.

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Tina said...

Just gonna keep praying over here on our end. Keep being the squeaky wheel. I'm glad you know so much about what to say & who to tell.