Monday, August 23, 2010

Building My Own House

            Once again, a neighbor asked when I'm gonna start building.  I wanted to tell her I'm almost finished----plans are approved, utilities are all in, materials are delivered, and foundation is done. 
             Foundation's DONE!  I've been fantasizing about this point for two years now.  It took two months to dig then form the foundation.  It took two hours to pour it.  It took two days to strip the forms.
             One of my volunteers (Kieran) was tasked with dumping the color (iron oxide, mostly) into the forms while we worked the concrete in.  I wanted it to look somewhat like the surrounding boulders---it doesn't, but it's still better looking than plain concrete.  I kinda like how it turned out.
              Stripping the forms wasn't easy.  First I took out all the screws that I could get to; many of them faced inward so it took some prying and breaking to get everything apart.  Then the task of peeling away to fabric and cutting it.  Very dusty work---didn't help allergies at all.  Oh well---I'm out of the dirt now and can start with the wood stuff now!  Next up is the rough floor framing inspection

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Tina said...

So fun watching it all coming along. Thanks!