Tuesday, June 29, 2010



"Hey A.M.....I think I need to run to the hardware store" (hour drive away) "What do you need?" I need a rebar bender. "What does it do?" Umm...It bends rebar.
She sensed a hesitation on my part so I explained they were expensive, I only needed it for a day, no one has one I can borrow... "What does it look like? Can you make one?" Well, yeah, I guess I can. I did.
Dug the trench for the utilities. Ran the dihydrogen monoxide line and the conduit for the power, then refilled the trench. Got the base rebar done, too so productive day.
People keep asking when I'm gonna start building. In my mind I started two years ago when I bought the lot and played with plans. Then followed methodical steps since. Maybe people don't consider you starting 'til they see lumber going up. That's real soon.


Tina said...

Be really careful with that dihydrogen monoxide stuff. There's an article on the internets telling you how deadly it can be...

Lee said...

I really like you project blogging. Curious: How better does the process become with each successive project?

I figure the hindsight must be nigh overwhelming.

flyingvan said...

Better. Umm, the bathroom will be right off the bedroom and the fridge will be full sized, also more storage. That's how the finished project will be better.
Lots of lessons learned:
1)Concrete is really heavy
2)Shooting a 16 penny nail through your kneecap hurts
3)It only costs a little extra to make things a lot better
4)Put the tub in, then frame around it
5) You put nail stops in to stop nails. Don't keep trying to pound nails through until you puncturde the water line it was meant to protect.
6) Even if it costs you a day's work, let the kids help.

Tina said...

Next time we build on, we're going to be calling you. Just FYI.