Saturday, March 27, 2010

4 types of people (from a dumb/busy)

I was talking to someone from the US Navy. He told me the navy divides people into 4 types. Each type has specific jobs you point them towards.
You have your smart busy people. Make them leaders. Give them roles where they can be held accountable, and need good situational awareness. 20% of the people fit this description (though 90% would put themselves here)
Smart lazy people have their place, too---put them in logistics. Plan out caravans, run supply warehouses. They are smart so will trend towards setting up efficient operations to make less work for themselves.
Dumb lazy people get to do guard duty, paint and clean, work in the mess hall. You need them; the challenge is getting them to a place where they realize it's less work to just do as you are told. You also need these people to fill uniforms.
Now, watch out. The Dumb, busy people cause the most problems and get people in trouble. The energy to do things, without the benefit of mental direction, combined with artillery, is not good. You have to keep a close eye and short leash on these guys. They are essential if you need someone to recover a live grenade behind enemy lines or for testing low lethality munitions. Actually in battle these are some of your most valuable assets. The real challenge is dealing with them during down time.


keeka said...

Ok, I will go you one better, now take that same chart and separate it into two headings, "Home" and "Work". At home I am a "dumb/lazy" but at work I am a "Smart/busy". My house is not very organized and I don't really feel a need to make it so...not in a super neat sense anyway, but at work/school, I find it necessary to keep everything organized and I am also the one that comes up with newer better ideas for the kids crafts and so on... so I have two distinct ways of being. So maybe in general, I fall directly in the middle of the four square court!

shoo said...

Classifying people into a mere 4 groups based on 2 attributes is both lazy and stupid :P