Friday, February 12, 2010

Typical Lauren...

OK. So, Lauren is our middle child. She's in seventh grade. She recently won the school spelling bee (including the eight graders!) but the biggest competition was a fellow seventh grader----Darren. Darren takes spelling bees seriously. (his Dad's the principal, too---a great guy) Darren asks for the word to be repeated, defined, used in a sentence---every time. Spelling bee tactics.
Darren was eliminated by the word 'straightforward'. He spelled it with a 'dash' between 'straight' and 'forward'.
So, Lauren's going on to the county spelling bee. A few days later she was in class writing an essay and got stuck on a word. She said, somewhat absentmindedly, "How do you spell....." When she saw Darren was the person in earshot, she quickly decided she wasn't about to give him the pleasure, so she just said "...Never mind" So Darren started spelling "N-E-V-E-R.." when Lauren blurted out "DASH!"
The class laughed, except for Darren who mustered up his best 'stink-eye' for Lauren. Didn't stop him from asking her to dance with him at the Valentine's dance today though


Tina said...

Go Lauren! I'm glad there were no hard feelings & Darren is a good guy :)

- Rob said...

I'm sorry, but I completely forgot the rest of the story when I got to the end.

You let Lauren dance with a boy??!!?!???

P.S. Oh yeah, I remembered one other thing. Congrats to Lauren on the bee!

flyingvan said...

We're Catholic, not Southern Baptists. It was a crowded room full of 7th graders, the Valentine Dance. The dance doesn't bother me. 3 hours of it during regular school hours in a state with a budget that threatens to cut education---that part bothered me. But Lauren was looking forward to it so we looked the other way

keeka said...

During school hours? Wow, talk about weird. I remember thinking it so odd that I was going to school at night when we had dances. I ended up going to very few because the boys were all idiots and never asked me to dance!
I went to a 16+ club with Tina instead and was appreciated for my cool dance moves! Hah, you silly High School boys!!!

keeka said...

Oh and I forgot, Congrats Lauren on winnning! Cole has made it to the class, grade and school spelling bee, but has never gotten farther than that. I don't worry about it though, I am just glad Cole likes to read and spells well!
Kaleigh too, but she doesn't care to go to the spelling bees, she doesn't try too hard to get there.
She is also a good speller but only on paper, like her mom!

- Rob said...

Regarding the dancing, I was speaking in terms of being a dad of a teenage daughter. Doesn't matter what religion we are talking about, dads have a natural protective instinct about their daughters and boys.

Celeste accuses me of teasing Bethany about this too much. I don't understand that concept at all!

OK, maybe I do tease her a little too much. However, I feel that is my right as the dad.

Tina said...

Lee considers it "toughening up" - it takes a LOT to get Diana riled now... She used to not be able to have everyone look at her at the same time - that's long gone!

Lee said...

Why don't Southern Baptists take showers together? Poeple might think they are dancing!

In regards to the tease as toughening. The key to that is the kid 'winning' every so often.