Monday, April 28, 2008

8 lines about 4 events

Mckenna won the essay contest, "Why it's great to be an American" from the American Legion Hall, along with a $75 award. Lauren won the school spelling bee as a fifth grader, so she beat all the sixth graders in the process.
Patrick's first communion was yesterday, along with losing his first tooth later. Thanks Mike (and my Mom and various parishioners) for making it a good day.
I just got back from my quarterly Department of Homeland Security focus group, this time in Charlotte, North Carolina. Annamarie couldn't come so my mom came along and visited some old friends, a very good trip as we got some time to drive into South Carolina.
Annamarie's garden is waking up again. This is the pavilion part with the three fishponds, and I think all danger of frost is past so she'll be doing some major planting---wants everything perfect for the reunion in August (4 months to go!)


Tina said...

Congrats to all three kids on their accomplishments!

Connor still needs to do First Communion. I will sign him up for Religious Ed classes this year, because I'm hoping he'll "get it" now... He wasn't ready before.

He would really like to take communion, though. He keeps trying to grab a host at Mass.

The yard looks great already. We have a tangled mess with a mowed lawn. That's the best we can do at the moment!

- Rob said...

Patrick's expression in the top photo is priceless! We have a picture of Bethany when she was about 3 or 4 looking very angry. It is one of her favorite photos now!

flyingvan said...

That was his idea....He wanted to be in the picture and said, "I don't have a reward so I'll just look frumpy". If you look close you can tell he's trying not to laugh....What I like is, most firemen have a 'me' wall somewhere in the house with awards and stuff. We have a 'we' wall so the kids' various achievements get displayed as well